Raising for Rae!!

Hi Everyone!!
We are asking for help to raise surgical funds for Maddie’s puppy, Rae! 
Rae was adopted from Howls & Growls rescue and will be undergoing surgery at the Animal Clinic Northview in North Royalton by Dr. Knox  

Rae was recently diagnosed with a torn ACL in her back knee and will need to have surgery on the 16th. Unfortunately, the cost to fix this is estimated to be between $5400-6300. While we have a little more than half, we are asking for any help we can receive. 

All proceeds from purchases on the xoxoNickyBee webstore and direct donations go directly towards the surgery. Any funds not used will be donated to another rescue to be used in the same situations. 

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Raising for Rae $25 Donation


Raising for Rae $10 Donation


Raising for Rae $15 Donation